It's enough to see the things the way they are

About me
Photography was something that was common in my family. My father has a solid collection of slides about pretty much every single major church, cathedral or monastery all across Europe. Sometimes it surprises me that he still finds some, that have not been in his files yet. My dear uncle Manfred was a traveller who had come around far and to me was my personal National Geographic. His talent and passion thought me that it's not enough to just take a picture of maybe some exotic faces - you also have to feel them through the image. So when I started taking pictures at about 6 years with my mothers Rolleiflex I pretty soon experienced the frustrating feeling of getting back the prints of that wonderful violet sword lily - in black and white... that wasn't what I wanted to show!? This may have been the most important learning for me: it's not the material you work with or camera you use that makes a picture good or not. Whatever shown on the photograph has to be the message.
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